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Alpaca Loop - Hurstpierpoint Walking Route

2.75 mi. walk passing Danny House's cutest residents.

  1. Starting at Desk Village, head east turning right after the pharmacy towards the park. Cross the park along the path, turn right on South Avenue then take a left into the footpath.
  2. Follow the path to the end and take a right down the hill. Pass through any stiles and gates and head into the open field. After another gate, you'll reach the driveway to Danny House.
  3. Cross directly over the driveway and climb the short hill which will take you onto New Way Lane. Turn right and follow the road south for about 1km.
  4. Near a postbox, look for a right turn taking you into a small woodland. This will take you between two alpaca fields in the grounds of Danny House.
  5. As you reach the driveway, pass over the stiles and follow the tarmac road round to the left. Another style to your right will take you back into the fields on a public footpath which you follow with the tree line to your left.

  6. Climbing another stile, cross two long fields through the middle pathway until you reach the small woodland. Cross through the trees to the next set of stiles.

  7. Take the style to your right then immediately turn left, and follow the fence to the gate directly north.

  8. Turn left through the gate and follow the tree-lined path until you reach a collection of houses.

  9. A signpost will take you on a right turn through some trees onto the path towards the village. Cross the bridge then follow the path up the hill where you'll pass the park before arriving back on the high street.

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