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Cutlers Brook - Hurstpierpoint Walking Route

2.75 mi. walk with panoramic views of of the South Downs.

  1. Head west from Desk Village along the high street turning left into West Furlong Lane. As the road bends left, take the footpath on your right. Follow it to the main road.
  2. Cross the main road and continue down the lane to a fork at the bottom of Policeman's Lane. Take the gate to your left then head diagonally south-west across the field passing through two gates. Follow the tree line to your left to a small bridge over Cutlers Brook.
  3. After crossing the bridge, take a right then cross straight over Bullfinch Lane into the wooded footpath. Continue following the path alongside the stream.
  4. Before reaching the underpass, take the path to your left that follows alongside the A23. After 200 meters take another left onto the stone pathway back towards Bullfinch Lane.
  5. When you reach a T-junction, take the path through a gate to your right. Follow the path round to the left then over two fields until you reach Brighton Road.
  6. Cross straight over the main road towards Randolphs Farm then take a left fork when you reach the houses. Follow the path straight into the fields until you reach a stile crossroads.
  7. Take the path to your left, pass through your gate staying in the open field heading towards a bridge crossing a small stream. At the edge of the field take the gate on your left and head north keeping the trees to your left.
  8. When you reach the path, take a left then a right at the end taking you onto South Avenue. Cross the park then turn right on Pit Lane which will take you back to the high street.

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