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A Guide to our Slack Channels

The Desk Village Slack is our primary form of communication with members and yet-to-be members.

If there's something you need to know, it'll be on there.


Something for everyone, where you can ask a question about Desk Village or tell people about an amazing movie you watched.


Alerts from our @coffeebot every time there's a freshly brewed batch.


Where we'll be sharing important stuff about goings-on at Desk Village.


Somewhere for our members to communicate with each other, and somewhere for us to share important membership-related information with them.


A place to ask your fellow Desk Villagers advice or share your knowledge on marketing, both online and offline.



Got a technical query about website setup or development? This is the place to go.

There are lots more channels too, so if you're already on, get involved, and if you're not request access here.

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